Amethyst AUV Platform

Complete 3D printed AUV frame for your DIY underwater robotics

You can download, 3D print and program it own way


Release details

3D Printed U-Drone not only for Makers

Amethyst is versatile, modular and fully 3D printable AUV frame design. Thanks to it's 3D printed origin it is finally affordable platform for every maker wishing to create and operate professional grade underwater craft. Advanced modularity helps easily modify and customise it's configuration to meet virtually all of imaginable goals. So, you can make it sophisticated smart for serious archeological missions or incredible simple just for weekend fun in the pool. Its light weight and small sized, it can be run right from the beach, pier or inflatable kayak. Design consist of 23 smaller 3D printed parts screwed together, so ordinary printer can make it. And you can print it from eco friendly PLA.

Multiple configurations of one complete design

Can be reconfigured in minutes. Just reorganize and screw up assembling parts in to shape you like. Think U-Transformers :)

Your 3D printer is good enough to output fine Amethyst

Either you print on cheap Chinese FLSun or professional Ultimaker, Amethyst is designed to be completed from small parts which are always come out fine working. Parts are specially crafted to be printed without supports wherever its possible. While still rugged, filament saving approaches were applied as norm.

Arm your sub with cameras, sonars, magnetometers, radios or other easy findable and affordable sensors on Aliexpress or eBay

How you can use Amethyst

  • - Testing prototypes of new instruments and electronic
  • - Underwater robotic software development and testing
  • - Underwater archeology surveys
  • - Oceanographic research
  • - Remote underwater photography
  • - Aquaculture farm inspections
  • - Search and retreive of lost items
  • - Anchorage scouting for yachts
  • - Diver´s assistence and safety controll
  • - Remote snorkelling with potentially dangerous animals
  • - Weekend fun by the sea, lake or pool
  • - School project

Use Arduino, Raspberry PI or other micro computer/controller you like as brain of your craft

You can accompain ArduSub open source software in to your creation or invent complete own AI script

Ordinary off the shelf motors, servos and sensors make your craft swim reliably and within budget

You can find plenty of sellers ofering Amethyst comatible accessories at Aliexpress or eBay.

Cheapest brushless motor in the world is used to propel Amethyst reliable

Most common servo out there is sufficient for precise steering

Widely available and well documented modules for accurate sensing

Special is that there are no expensive specials



  • - Complete 3D Printed body
  • - Funny costs to make, while still professional
  • - Adapted for use with cheap - off the shelf motors, electronic and accessories
  • - Modular design - rearrangeable in minutes
  • - Hybrid AUV / ROV design
  • - Rugged, stable, customisable
  • - Customisable mountings and openings for plethora of sensors, instruments, antennas, internal cameras, external GoPros, etc.
  • - Assembling with screws for easy upgrade, modification or repairs. Minimum of glueing.
  • - Usable as group of independent, low cost AUVs working together with separate tasks or in swarms

Work progress on Amethyst AUV platform

To date: November 11, 2019

Major update of the hull. Amethyst lost weight with HONEX. And new system of dry compartment sealing

If you are intrested in this project and want to build your own AUV, please register your email, download STL files and you can start right away.