Amethyst AUV DevLog

Last update: 17. 9. 2019

Pursued goal

To have reliable, 3D printable AUV frame and basic functional electronic setup as starter, with scalable software ecosystem.

After the first development cycle AUV should be:

Controllable by radio, should dive, hold needed depth, know its position, avoid obstacles, not hit bottom, send telemetry, accept uploadable JSON files as mission data for autonomous operations.

This will be entry point for further development, upgrades, modifications and to add advanced functionality by anyone who may be interested.



General dev status

In this moment only frame design (CAD files) of AUV is provided (in BETA). Electronic setup and software are in intense development, but still not matured enough to be used reliable and then all information about them in documentation section is just for reference only, to give hint and show the direction in which development going right now. All 3D parts are constantly revised, remodeled, upgraded or completly replaced with brand new versions. Compatibility between sections and new parts is taken in to account all the time. So if someone download and print AUV project now, later on he or she can replace just one old part/section for new one without need to print out all other already printed sections again.

What is in developmnet right now

1. Rudder: Work on better steering mechanism is going on. New types of rudders going through tests.

2. Dry compartment electronic: New, more space saving arrangement of electronics inside the dry compartment is in process.

3. Downloads and Docs updating

What is next

1. Tune the diving processes: Diving and maintaining depth using thrusters and/or using diving fins. Software integration of MS5540C depth sensor.

2. Underwater obstacle avoidance: Bending standard car ultrasonic sensor to be able operate underwater.